Porth Enys Covid Information for Visitors

1)  Can I holiday at Porth Enys?

You can travel for holidays provided no person within your party is infected with the Covid-19 virus or is showing any symptoms of infection. You must not travel even if the symptoms only show at the very last moment. If anyone shows symptoms, they must be tested negative for the virus before traveling.

You must also be prepared to cut short your holiday and return home immediately should any member of your party show any symptoms during your stay. In such an event you must also immediately notify us.

Please bear in mind also, that your party must consist of no more persons, from no more households, than is currently allowed at the time of your holiday. You should notify us immediately is made up of more than the allowed numbers.  

You may need to consider if it remains appropriate for all the intended members of your party to travel to Porth Enys.  

2)  How is my stay at Porth Enys itself likely to be affected?

These details may be amended if necessary and will be emailed to you if this happens. We expect that:-

a)   We will ask you to strip all beds before you leave the property and bag the linen.

b)  We will provide a pack supplied to us by our cleaners containing basic supplies such as wipes/bleach/dishwasher tablets/sanitiser for use during your stay. The makeup of the content of the pack is to be confirmed.

c)  Many, but not all, games/videos/dvds/books have been removed. If using these items please wash/sanitise your hands before/after use.

d)  You should ensure that all crockery/cutlery/pans etc., have been cleaned, or run through the dishwasher, before departure.

The various changes will be covered in the information emailed to you once your balance payment has been made.

Before you return home

Linen care. 

We wouldn’t normally ask, but if you could kindly strip the beds and place linen in the bags provided, it would be much appreciated. This will really help to protect our housekeepers. 

Waste. Please empty all bins, remove food items, bag all rubbish, and place the bags in the outside wheelie bin. Please refer to the notice in the kitchen for refuse disposal.

Your belongings. Please double check you have all of your personal possessions before you leave and do not leave behind any buckets/spades/surfboards and the like.